How Oathtrack works

Oathtrack is a digital care management and communication platform for Recovery Residences

"Oathtrack has helped save our team at least 7 hours each week."
- Mark A. Tampa, FL

" Oathtrack has been instrumental in the growth and expansion of my organization. We have been able to manage our residents more efficiently and accurately. It offers a single location to keep all of your data at your fingertips. I highly recommend it."
- Jody Davis
Founder and Director, Coram Deo Recovery

"Simple, affordable, and very easy to use. It's a Godsend!"
- Dawn M. Los Angeles, CA


Securely manage your Resident charts and finances with ease. Track their drug tests, charges, payments, moods, location history, and more with fully customizable forms! Keep track of House meetings, calendar events, and staff members. No more headaches!

Get Payments Online

Residents can easily pay their bills online, directly to your house! Customize reminders so they don't miss payments!

Manage Applicants

Easily customize and share your own house application forms! View, contact, and accept (or reject) incoming applicants.

Staff & Resident Communication

Quickly assign tasks and easily manage and message staff members within Oathtrack to keep everyone up-to-date. You can even schedule messages to be sent to your residents!

Client Surveys

Are your clients satisfied? Do they have the proper recovery capital? Find out and see what's driving their happiness—or unhappiness—by using our templated surveys or create your own custom surveys!

Enhance Resident Education & Care

Track Resident goals, therapy sessions, moods, meetings, chores, and behavioral notes to improve their recovery. Receive proactive alerts when resident mood changes occur to provide additional care before any potential relapses occur - using our built-in intuitive AI!

File Storage & Document e-Sign

Secure and efficient recordkeeping, document e-signatures, and unlimited document storage. Resident signatures on documents now only takes a few seconds! Send documents to the Resident directly from their chart.

Bill Management

Save time budgeting and easily track recurring bills and expenses! View realtime reporting on expenses and income for a more holistic overview of your finances.

Secure Data Encryption

Oathtrack uses up to 256-bit encryption with 128-bit minimum to secure all online transactions and supports 3 encryption algorithms: RSA, DSA, and ECC within the same SSL certificate. More detailed security documentation can be found here: Essentially, this means that as long as a user does not disclose their username and password to any unauthorized representative, their data is safe and secure.

Payments Processed

(Houses that use Oathtrack have a 76% completion rate, higher than the national average)

Hours Saved

Desktop Dashboard

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Oathtrack Mobile App Features

Track Residents:

- Securely add and manage your Resident records
- Record Rent Payments
- Receive Rent Payments securely online
- Secure File Storage
- Manage Resident Privileges & Curfews
- Track Current Resident Location
- View Location History
- Track Drug Test results, view history
- Record Employment information, Job schedule, location, and supervisor
- Manage Resident Insurance(s)
- Easily update and access resident Sponsor/Emergency Contact info
- Track Resident Alumni & dismissed Residents

House Management:

- Invite Staff Members
- Quick and Secure messaging
- Update number of Resident spots (open beds)
- Manage Staff, Assign different Staff roles/privileges
- Update/Manage House Information

Business/Enterprise Features:

- Add additional Enterprises and Houses
- Recieve notifications of any House or Resident Spot additions, and can deny any changes.
- Access to Oathlytics: Charts analysis of Rent Payments, Resident adds/removals, and more!
- Update & Manage Enterprise Information
- Update & Manage House Information for houses within the enterprise


- Access to Oathlytics
- View Financial data for each House or by the overall Enterprise
- Charts analysis of Resident Rent Payments
- Analyze and Review Residents, Staff and more!

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